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Web Marketing is our passion, it is the reason why PixalProjects exists.
This site was born because many people around us have seen the results with our personal e-commerce and have started asking us to manage their projects.
Without our personal results this site would not exist.

Our Experience

Google Ads (Adwords)


Google SEO


Google Shopping


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  • Competitors Analysis
  • Product/Service Analysis for Better Strategy
  • Website Planning
  • Lead/Purchase Path Optimization
  • Google Analytics Advanced Tools
  • Advanced Analysis with Voluum & Facebook Analytics
  • A / B Test (Split Test) Experts
  • Continuous Optimization for Better ROI
  • Google Ads Retargeting Specialists
  • Crossed Retargeting with Facebook
  • Crossed Retargeting with PropellerAds and PopAds

Google Ads (the old Adwords) is the most powerful sales tool on the web, every time you search Google, the first results that appear to you are sponsored, that is, paid advertisements through Google Ads. This allows it to be viewed by millions of people who are looking for your brand / product / service and therefore have a rapid turnover growth. Creating marketing campaigns on Google Ads takes a few days and you can already start receiving visits and selling.

Google Ads is our flagship, we have personally invested over ā‚¬ 800,000 in the last 5 years with a net ROI of 2.5. That is, a net gain of 2 million euros, net of product costs, shipping and taxes. This is why they started asking us to manage other people's projects.

Another important tool of Google Ads is the Display section, Banner Advertising on websites, Youtube and blogs.

Google SEO is the "natural" positioning, organic on Google, that is the free one. It allows you to position yourself on the first page of certain searches that users make and therefore have free visits without having to pay for advertising. This is the positive side. The downside is that it takes much more time than Google Ads to position itself, sometimes months or years, and it is not said that then you positioned yourself with the best keywords, you may find out after months that there are other search terms that use the users you have as a target. Here a preventive analysis and planning is a must. But don't worry because there are techniques to understand in advance how and where to position yourself.

Is Google Ads or Google SEO better? Many are asking. The answer we give based on our experience is that one does not exclude the other. While you work in the short term to position yourself quickly and have already billed with Google Ads, you can already optimize your site in-page and off-page for SEO positioning. Obviously everything depends on your product, service and goal. Each strategy must be customized, it is not certain that you should use both or in this order.


Google Shopping is the google e-commerce platform. You will certainly have been looking for products in Google and the "Shopping" tab appeared at the top or you can see the products on the right or top of the page. It is a very effective marketing tool and is part of the many options that Google Ads offers. It is a true e-commerce platform like Amazon and eBay. If you sell products it is an essential tool to use.

PixalProjects collaborates with Google's Premium Parter specialized in Google Shopping, which every year manage millions of euros on this platform.

Google Youtube Ads, video ads and banners on Youtube can help you expand the reputation of your brand by capturing attention and increasing demand on a large scale. We use it a lot for branding and retargeting.

If you have a local business you can't help but position yourself on Google Maps. But, although it appears to be a simple operation for anyone, not all local business are displayed in the same way.
Here, too, you will have noticed that browsing through the google maps some local activities are more in evidence than others, are preferred by Google rather than others, depending on the zoom you make on the map some appear first and only after others. Here too, the Google algorithm is very careful and takes into account many factors, such as the authenticity of the owner based on identity checks and congruity of information and addresses provided, descriptions of the business itself, the website, keywords, social networks connected networks, reviews and other things that Google doesn't reveal, but we can guess.
Here too there is a real marketing to be developed if you want to win over the competition.

Josephine B. Anderson
This guys are awesome! It is hard to find a web design company who can actually listen and understand what you need. Iā€™m 100% satisfied with this guys.
Josephine B. Anderson
Paradox Inc
George M. Batynson
I needed more leads for my services. Pay-per-click, banners of maybe even broschures. They made an analysis of my existing site. It occurred that my webdite is banned with Google.
George M. Batynson
Eye Insurance
Jeffrey P. McAllister
I highly recommend this company for all and any of your design needs. I am very happy with the new redesigned and restructured website they built for my moving company!
Jeffrey P. McAllister
Moving co
Kelly L. McMeans
I needed to find new strategies for producing leads, they used my site data to add leads and Facebook generation strategies to Instagram. I doubled the leads and I pay them half!
Kelly L. McMeans
Janine T. Austin
I can only make compliments, they have been professional since day one, they have analyzed my sites, my social networks, discovered what was wrong with my ecommerce and in 90 days I increased revenues by 40%!
Janine T. Austin
Charles K. Silvey
They have been able to create a very complicated website in record time. They met all the requests and were always available. Definitely recommended!
Charles K. Silvey

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