Funnels Creation

The funnel is a lead generation or a sales path. It is often seen as a landing page to collect visitor information such as e-mail or mobile for future promotions. Or an e-commerce path where you bring the user to immediately sell a product or service.

It’s called Funnel (just because it’s in the form of a funnel) because out of 100 people, for example, who visit the first part, 50 could find interesting information and get to step 2, where 15 could be interested in buying and 5 actually buy.
The transition from one step to the other must obviously be traced and supported by retargeting.

It is a very simplified example to clarify that a strategy is needed for a first soft informative / persuasive approach and a second part that is effective and relevant to the path in order to conclude the lead collection or sale.

Obviously it is a generic example, everything can be done in a single landing page, it can be studied together with Email Marketing techniques and in theory it might not even need a website or a landing page.

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  • WordPress Funnel
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Once again, the strategy must be customized based on the product being sold and the ideal end user.
But there is one thing in common with any Funnel Marketing strategy that you want to use, namely Retargeting.
Resuming the example above, the 50 persons who pass to phase 2 may not arrive immediately at the first visit and of the 15 interested in the purchase may not buy at the first visit of step 2. Here it is from step 1 to step 2, which from step 2 to sale is necessary a specific retargeting for each section with an appropriate communicative form.

This is mostly done with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In the last period, new and very powerful tools are also coming to life, for example Messenger Funnel is increasingly replacing Email Marketing, try to think about it, how many advertising emails do you open? Maybe 1 in 5 you’re interested in? But how many messages on Messenger do you open? Everyone generally opens up. Statistically, a promotion sent by email is seen by less than 20% of people, while on Messenger more than 95% opens the message.

PixalProjects can help you choose the best strategy for your Funnel, as well as creating it from scratch, whether with WordPress, Clickfunnels or Messenger.

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