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PixalProjects offers you an analysis of your e-commerce to understand how to increase the conversion rate.

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  • Analysis Of Your Purchase Path Problems
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  • Competitors Analysis

The analysis consists of 4 phases:

Analysis of the user experience on the website, it is important that the purchase path is clear and intuitive, from the landing on the correct landing page, to the description of the products, to the simplicity of purchase, to the guarantees and security that damage to the user on payment methods, shipments and much more, up to payment methods and retargeting to people who do not buy at the first visit.

PixalProjects uses techniques that allow us to monitor the behavior of each individual user: what he reads, where he clicks, what he is interested in watching, what is not useful, etc. In this way we can optimize the purchase path and therefore the positive experience of the visitor.

Analysis of the efficiency of the website, an e-commerce must load in less than 3 seconds, each additional second makes it lose statistically 30% of sales, also you need to make sure that there are no technical problems in the functionality of the site, it happens sometimes, for example, that a module is not compatible with a certain version of mobile operating system and the user, even if he wishes, fails to complete the purchase.

Analysis of advertising campaigns, we can analyze the effectiveness of your advertising and indicate, based on our experience, approximately in what percentage you can increase the number of sales and / or optimize your investment by maintaining or increasing turnover.

Advertising campaigns have dozens of different tools that are used based on their own experiences and each of these has hundreds of details and optimization methods.
By optimization, we mean a series of strategies that allow us to lower the cost of sales over time.
In some cases we happened to optimize campaigns that had a cost per sale of 40 € for example with a gain of 60 € on sale, then a net gain of 20 € (60-40) and bring it to 15 € as a cost per sale , therefore more than doubling the final gain and consequently increasing the investment power and reaching up to triple the number of final sales.

Competitor analysis, this is one of the most important parts when planning or optimizing an advertising strategy. It is essential to understand the quality level of your competing sites and their advertising campaigns.
First of all to know what quality level you need to achieve in order to do better than others and secondly to guess how many weeks / months you could profit by certain strategies. In addition to allowing you to decide the correct price for your products and take inspiration from some form of communication that your competitors use and that is working for them.

PixalProjects has experience in dozens of sectors: legal, financial, food supplements, tourist services / excursions, hair transplant, dropshipping, worker search, network marketing and many others.

And in each of these it has always started by analyzing the competition and from there planning a project to do better than the others.

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