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Did you write a nice article and copy it to you? Have you made a nice website and copied images or text? Have you uploaded a video made by yourself and someone shares it without your permission?

Until a few years ago it was practically impossible to defend yourself online, mainly due to the fact that not all countries have the same laws, sometimes the damage did not justify the cost of an international case and so on.
And then there was little clarity about the location, ie does it count the public to which the website is directed, the language or the location of the server where the site is physically installed? There was a lot of confusion.

Today the situation is different. In Europe the laws are unified and finally clearer and more severe in this direction.
PixalProjects has collaborations with specialized law firms in Copyright online. Furthermore, consider that in some countries (as in Italy) there are many companies that charge (even hundreds or thousands of euros) the copyright coverage of their website and content, but Copyright is a free right! There is no need to pay for a service, there are ways to get it for free!

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You got it right, there are people who live asking for damage to customers who give negative feedback, we’re talking about € 600 (in Europe).
There are automatic procedures that do not require passing through the court.
PixalProjects also has experience in e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon and can also defend you from negative feedback.

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